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Email Discussion Group

Come along free of charge and start receiving emails from the email discussion list. The members have adopted the new title of SMANZ (Salt Matters—Australia New Zealand).

This is an internet support group for people who control their salt intake. It may be the world's first (we would love to hear if we have a competitor).

Frustrated shoppers looking for low salt foods can get a lot of help by joining (subscribing). There is no fee. Just send a blank email to:

You will then receive a Welcome Message with more information, and start getting emails from all the other subscribers who have something to share with the group or something to ask. If you answer any of those emails your contribution will go out to the whole list and be seen by everybody else. This list has been a great success.

We have some quiet days and some busy days that are exciting and highly informative, and the pace gets quite fast sometimes when we hit a hot topic.

The professional members
The welcome message tells new members this discussion list has a small professional membership that is very valuable. In the early days we lost a few professional members (including three dietitians) who found their email overloaded. In future we hope to keep our valuable health professionals by encouraging all members to control their mail in one of the two ways shown in the next section.

Two ways to control your mail: First way. Set up a filter so that all the saltmatters emails go to a separate place on your email program. You then have a separate list of saltmatters emails that you can ignore, delete without reading or deal with when convenient. Second way. Ask us to set up a digest arrangement where you get only one saltmatters email daily, consisting of the list that has come in that day—to make this request send it by email to (he is the IT man at the Menzies Research Institute, home of the Menzies Salt Skip Program).

What does ozdocit mean? In case you were wondering, the letters ozdocit in the list's email address stand for Australian Doctor Information Technology, and is the website of two busy New South Wales general medical practitioners who have generously volunteered to help us by hosting this discussion list on their website.

Page last modified on: Monday 01 Nov, 2010