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DISTRIBUTORS for Salt Matters

Australiaretail mail order

Swinburne University Bookshop in Melbourne takes web, phone or mail orders and puts your copy in the mail on the same (working) day. You can receive it by Express Parcel Post (next day delivery to central city postcodes) for the RRP plus postage and handling ($34.95). You can verify stock levels and order at or place a telephone order to (03) 9214 5484 that will verify that it can be posted from stock that day, otherwise the email address is: and the postal address is: Swinburne Bookshop Co-op, John Street, Hawthorn, VIC 3122. Overseas orders see below.

Australiatrade mail order Alliance Distribution Services email:   Phone (02) 4390 1300, FAX 4390 1333

Rest of the world—same as Australia

Swinburne Bookshop (listed above) will also post outside Australia.  You can email for the cost to your country (which is exempt from Australian Goods & Services Tax). 

Two amateur websites full of colour pictures of low salt foods are:

An amateur low salt recipe website is:

You can download and print a PDF of a 32-page shopping guide at 



Don Gazzaniga's books

Don Gazzaniga had severe heart failure with fluid retention after collapsing while rowing (see Salt Matters page 228). He celebrated his amazing recovery by writing three books of recipes to help everybody to enjoy life to the full on a no-added-salt diet. Visit his website for full particulars, and for a free subscription to his monthly newsletter bringing you up to date with his latest recipes.

The Dizzy Chef

The Meniere’s Support Group of Victoria collected the best recipes that have been published in Salt Skip News for over two decades and put them in logical order for an organised cookbook. The Salt Skip Editorial Committee (named at the bottom of page 4 of every issue has several academic Accredited Practising Dietitians as well as a professor of medicine, and you trust these recipes for compliance with all the Australian Dietary Guidelines, with one exception—there is now published evidence that invertebrate seafood is not a low salt food even when freshly caught and rinsed in fresh water, the two prawn dishes are not low in salt.

Meniere's syndrome

Salt is the main trigger for the disabling vertigo ( Salt Matters pages 159-161) and Australia 's support groups for patients with Meniere's syndrome buy Salt Matters in bulk for resale at a discount to their members. Two websites and email addresses are:


South Australia—the Vestibular Disorders Association (VEDA):

If you hover over "Vestibular Disorders", then "Treatment" then click on "Diet" you will find a list of triggers for vertigo. 

High blood pressure

The Queensland Hypertension Association (QHA) is Australia's only support group for patients with high blood pressure, and has members in every Australian state and territory. Members receive a copy of Salt Matters on joining and earlier members can buy copies at a discount. The QHA newsletter, The BP Monitor, incorporates Salt Skip News, which is now published on this website as well.
email address for QHA:

The World Hypertension League (WHL) is a division of the International Society of Hypertension. Its new website caters for health professionals, but everybody else may be interested in keeping abreast of the international consensus on control and above all prevention, with a better diet and lifestyle.

Action on salt

CASH (Consensus Action on Salt and Health) is a fine example of community action by a dozen British specialists in high blood pressure. See what they have to say at

WASH (World Action on Salt and Health) was founded by CASH in 2005. Visit WASH at

AWASH (Australian Division of World Action on Salt and Health) was founded by WASH in May 2007. Already it is a growing network of individuals and organizations in Australia concerned with salt and its detrimental effects on health. AWASH has launched a 5-year salt reduction campaign. The Drop the Salt! campaign will seek help from health professionals, the food industry, government, scientists and consumer organisations to reduce salt intake by the whole Australian community. Visit the AWASH website at

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